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Chocolope Kush was the result of a project aiming to bring together the irresistible chocolaty taste of Chocolope with the unbridled power of Kosher Kush – and it was a complete success. Hailed as epic by Kush and Chocolope lover everywhere, Chocolope Kush never fails to please. When grown optimally, she can yield in the region of 600g/m² with a flowering time of 9 weeks.

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DNA genetics did something remarkable when they created Chocolope Kush. She is a cross between famed and award winning Kosher Kush and the immensely popular Chocolope. Her parent Kosher Kush is one of the strongest of all OG Kushes, with multiple first place wins in any Cannabis event that she ever entered. Pair this with Chocolope, a lady that is loved by many connoisseurs for its chocolate flavour and aroma, and you have another winner on hand! Together, the two make for a fantastic combination that gives you the best of a true epic Kush smoke paired with an equally epic flavour – simply perfect! Growing Chocolope Kush is a pleasure too since her flowering time is a reasonable 9 weeks where she rewards with respectable yields up to 600g/m² indoors. This is a great strain for everyone but those who like Chocolope and Kush in particular will definitely fall in love with this amazing strain!
Dear cannabis fanatics, Chocolope Kush stands at the pinnacle of DNA Genetics’ menu. It induces extraordinary highs and mouth-watering flavors. Chocolope Kush derives from Chocolope, a new-school strain with multiple Cannabis Cup medals under its belt, and of course, Kosher Kush, a spectacular Kush variety that is considered among the strongest OG Kush crosses out there. In 2012, High Times magazine coined Kosher Kush as the 7th strongest strain in the world. When two award-winning champions like this are hybridized with each other, dank is sure to follow!
The yields are absolutely amazing. Up to 600g/m² of Chocolope Kush buds can be expected after only 9 weeks of flowering. Obviously, outdoor growers can expect heavier yields. Chocolope Kush reaches medium heights, therefore DNA Genetics recommends pinching the plants for ultimate bushiness, although, follow whatever suits your growing environment.
The THC-levels are extremely high. Trace amounts are required to get you ultra-baked. With its 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics, you will feel focused and happy, while a physical body high will succeed the initial sativa sensations.
She’s perfect, she’s here, Chocolope Kush needs to reach every corner of the world!

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5 reviews for Chocolope Kush

  1. Melinda

    Thanks y’all.. i got it safe

  2. 420 Green Weed Dispensary (verified owner)

    thanks for alot got the package.i will definely be in touch

  3. 420 Green Weed Dispensary (verified owner)

    wow taught this was a scam but no i got it safe.thanks

  4. Taylor

    No games with the niggas

  5. Sander

    For me, its chocolope all the way.

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